P25 trunking -save on P25 radios.

 TWO year replacement warranty

 includes programming to your system.


 PORTABLES - all complete w chargers etc.

XTS2500 Model II  $700   *order 6 and get free lapel mics w ear buds

                                       or a free radio.

VOLUNTEERS - buy 5 and get one free

XTS5000 R rugged w big knobs for fire gloves $775

ADD Impres battery and charger combo to XTS models for $50


APX 7000 dual band $2900 - with all features and encryption-open box as new

APX 6000+ big knobs for fire glove use   $2650 - NIB


 Intrinsically safe option $100

Speaker mic w Kevlar    $ 75   tougher than the factory model


XTL2500/5000  $ 625 - add $125 for remote mount  800 mghz

VHF 50 watt     $ 825   dash mount

VHF 100 watt   $1025   remote mount

APX 6500         $2700 NIB

APX 7500         $2900 NIB

Antenna kits     $   33  *buy 6 mobiles get free antennas


  ***Conventional Vhf- Uhf - just ask.

  *** DMR - MOTOTrbo  new and used



>>Ask about infrastructure equipment-repeaters,controllers etc.

EX:  5 channel GTR8000 w controllers,combiner,multicoupler  $30,000 programmed w warranty.

Tower Top AMP $ 4500 NIB

CONSOLE - upgrade to MCC7500 for 50% less than the factory price.


*Service: While our depot for full board replacement is 25% less than Motorola most repairs involve low cost volume knobs, PTT switches and other casual physical abuse. These are under $130.

 Bill  703-302-0041



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