Leverage smartphones to extend your radio system coverage and budget

Explainer video

Connect any System w radio over IP



 1. Budget savings- Create radios with ptt radio and ptt private cellular for under $60 each.

 2. Coverage -The cellular backbone out talks 2-way, especially in buildings.

 3. Form factor- The average public safety radio weighs 12 ounces. Some admin people don't  need to carry

  a radio-redeploy their P25 radio and equip them with ROIP.

 4. Stealth- With private PTT groups you can engage w/o being ID'd as law enforcement.

 5. Interop- Affordable and instant- no training or hook-up. It's on their smartphone that they use daily.

 7. Mutual Aid - Share common PTT for radio and private cell w other agencies.

 8. PC console - Monitor multiple groups-included with system

 9. Radio and cell carrier agnostic-can migrate to FirstNet

  For FIRE departments this is the take home portable solution. For PD this is the stealth solution.

 For all this is the budget friendly coverage solution. 

 COST: About $55 per user -one time fee


 FREE DEMO - call 703-302-0041




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